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Phoenix, AZ – The 11th Annual Area Codes Basketball Easter Classic was held April 19-20 in Goodyear, Arizona.

22 teams from Nevada, New Mexico, Texas & Arizona participated as several national scouting services attended as well as JUCO,DIII and NAIA college coaches evaluated players.

Special thanks to Big City Hoops Scouting Service, Ty Jacobs, Anthony Ray (ArizonaPreps), Dennis Coleman (World Hoops Scouting Service, as well as head coaches Dan Nichols (South Mountain College), Duane Eason (Phoenix College), Michael Stewart (Tohono O’Odham College), Mark Bunker (Scottsdale College), Guy Meyer (Glendale College), Matt Dickman (Buena Vista University – Iowa) as well as a few other coaches and scouts that stopped to check out some games during the Easter Weekend.

Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service & other Scouting Services send out a report to 300+ Division I, II, III, NAIA & JUCO college coaches around the country, this helps student-athletes gain exposure as well as the aau/club teams they participate for during the NCAA LIve Viewing periods, as tournament directors ask us for advice on how to match teams in certain divisions.

Our next tournament will be the 12th Annual ELITE 8 In the Desert on May 11-12, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. For info go to or follow on Twitter @Areacodes

Now let’s break down the ALL-EASTER CLASSIC Top Prospects in each class.

CLASS OF 2019 (Unsigned Senior) players listed by height 

Tuon Gatkek (New Mexico Force) 6’9 F

Damione Thomas (PB Nation – NM) 6’9 F

Emad Elniel (AZ Hype) 6’6 SF

Frank Degourville (Hard Work dedication – NV) 6’4 SG

Fabrice Navaro (AZ Hype) 6’2 PG

Jared Smiley (AZ Hype) 6’0 PG

James Brown (Hard Work Dedication – NV) 6’0 PG

Tyler Quintana (PB Nation – NM) 5’11 PG

Isaiah Dockery (PB Nation – NM) 5’11 PG

Antonio Lovato (New Mexico Swoosh) 5’10 PG

Class of 2020 (Juniors) players listed by height

 Deraje Agbaogi (New Mexico Force) 6’7

Tristan Moore (New Mexico Force) 6’5

Derek Aeilts (New Mexico Force) 6’5 F

Brandon Youngkrantz (Arizona Wild) 6’4 F

Gonzalo Corbalan (PB Nation – NM) 6’3 PG

Jaedon (El Paso Titans – TX) 6’1 PG

Malachi Felix (Aztecs) 6’1 SG

Malik Barton (New Mexico Force) 6’1 G

Matt Jensen (Arizona Wild) 6’0 PG

Keyshawn Keys (PB Nation – NM) 5’11 PG

Kaleb Connors (Be Elite) 5’11 G

Joziah Ramos (PB Nation – NM) 5’9 PG

Class of 2021 (Soph’s) players listed by height 

Nathan Hansberry (PB Nation – NM) 6’3 W/G

TreAndre Barber (El Paso Titans – TX) 6’3 G

Nick Mcclain (AZ Hype) 6’3 G

Junior Hodnett (PB Nation – NM) 6’2 G

Derek Johnson (Be Elite) 6’0 G

Dai-Quan Skykes (Hard Work Dedication White – NV) 6’1 G

Taylor Burrola (PB Nation – NM) 6’1 G

Taquawn Dillion-Hodges (Hard Work Dedication Red – NV) 6’1 SG

Dominic Luna (New Mexico Swoosh) 6’1 G

Isaiah Brooks (PB Nation – NM) 6’1 PG

Jahwan Giles (Hard Work Dedication Red – NV) 6’0 SG

Josiah Navaro (New Mexico Force) 6’0 G

Evan Gonzales (New Mexico Swoosh) 5’11 PG

Will Wells (Hard Work Dedication Red – NV) 5’10 PG

Cruz Martinez (New Mexico Swoosh) 5’9 PG

Ryan Crane (Hard Work Dedication Red- NV) 5’8

Class of 2022 (Freshman) players listed by height 

Foune Doucoure (AZ Hype) 6’8 f

Kaden Self (PB Nation – NM) 6’6 SF

Mac Manzanares (New Mexico Force) 6’3 SG

DeShawn Ortiz (PB Nation – NM) 6’3 G

Kei Childress (Hard Work Dedication – NV) 6’1 PG

Quincy Geary (Catalina Hoops) 6’1 PG

Daniel Webb (El Paso Titans – TX) 5’11 PG

Ryan Terrell (Catalina Hoops) 5’10 G

Class of 2023 (8th Grader) players listed by height

Seydou Tamboura (AZ Hype) 6’7 F

Tarik Spencer (Be Elite) 6’1 G

CJ Werner (Be Elite) 6’0 SG

Aaden Isai (Be Elite) 5’11 PG

Jordan Childress (Hard Work Dedication – NV) 5’8 G

Jailen Childress (Hard Work Dedication – NV) 5’6 2024 PG