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Sixty invited prospects were selected by aau coaches, middle school coach, scouts or our Area Codes Basketball staff.

Phoenix, AZ – The 10th Annual Arizona Middle School Basketball exposure Showcase was held December 30, 2018 at the PHhacility in Phoenix, AZ.

Every player will be in our database and additionally; players will be in a scouting report sent to USA Basketball and college coaches to start there recruiting process.

We would like to thank LOC Training and Coach Chuck Howard for the testing, height, warm-up and NBA combine testing on each player. Each player had a assessment done by LOC Training. For info on LOC Training contact

Also I would like to give special thanks our special guest speaker, a good friend of mine Phil Beckner, a former college basketball coach, now serves as a NBA Trainer & personal trainer for NBA All-Star guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers.

Great to have high school coaches Scott Lovely (Desert Edge), Ty Amundsen (Millennium) and Gino Crump (Desert Vista) and College Head Coach Steve Silsby (Chandler Gilbert College) for taking the time and spending the day at the camp.

Some of the future names to know that displayed above par talent included Malik Rasul, Styles Phipps, Elijah Slaughter, Damian Molina, Rex Twibell, Kendre Pride, Che Jones, Andrew Camacho, Isaiah Ice Hymes, JT Amundsen, Nathan Ko, Seydou Tamboura, Malaki Loyd, Emery Young, EJ Scroggins, Malachi Johnson, Javarion Hogan, Barron Silsby, Roosevelt Washington, Mark Brown, Chris Washkevich, Arman Madi, Summit Waldeck, Dominick Tarrant, Marcus Heatherly, Victor Yevzerov, Dominik VanCleaf, Caden Bass, Christopher Arviso, Rashid Pitre, Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas, Noah Brown, LJ Diamond, Aksel Siekman, Turwaun Carter, Logan Demarie and Sebastino Patane.

Now let’s break down the top prospects by height.

Seydou Tamboura 6’7 2023 Sahuaro Ranch

Isaiah Ice Hymes 6’4 2023 Harvest Prep

Arman Madi 6’4 2023 Home School

Roosevelt Washington 6’2 2024 South Pointe

Marcus Heatherly 6’1 2023 Madison #1

Andrew Camacho 6’0 2023 Cheyenne

Chris Washkevich 6’0 2023 Fountain Hills

Emery Young 6’0 2023 Oakwood

Cori James 6’0 2023 Centennial

Kendre Pride 6’0 2023 Atkinson

Malik Rasul 5’11 2024 Tucson

Aksel Siekman 5’11 2023 Desert Shadows

Nathan Ko 5’11 2023 Casteel

Summit Waldeck 5’11 2023 Mohave

Dominick Tarrant 5’11 2023 Verrado

Tyler Henninghan 5’11 2026 VDS

EJ Scroggins 5’11 2023 Eagle Prep

Malachi Johnson 5’11 2024 Gilliand

Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas 5’11 2023 VDS

Styles Phipps 5’10 2023 Las Brias

Noah Brown 5’9 2023 Winslow Jr.

Mark Brown 5’9 2023 Fees

Rex Twibell 5’8 2025 Rancho Solano

Travis Guderian 5’8 2023 Desert Shadows

Jack O’Grady 5’8 2023 Legacy

Desmond Robinson 5’8 2023 Desert Shadows

Javarion Hogan 5’8 2023 Hurley Ranch

Andrew Bhesania 5’8 2025 Ridgeline Academy

Turkwaun Carter 5’8 2023 Camelback Academy

Da’Rayvion Greer 5’6 2023 Estrella MS

James Ivaniski 5’6 2023 Cotton Boll

Luke Delmont 5’6 2023 Sonoran Trails

Michael Valles 5’6 2023 Whittier

JT Amundsen 5’5 2024 Western Sky

Che Jones 5’5 2024 Dysart

Barron Silsby 5’5 2024 Payne Jr

Rashid Pitre 5’5 2023 Heritage

Victor Yevzerov 5’5 2024 Esperero Canyon

Jordan Thomas 5’4 2023 ASU Prep

Jeremiah Love 5’4 2023 Tolleson

Logan Demarie 5’4 2023 Royal Palm

Isaiah Smith 5’4 2024 Phoenix

Davion Butler 5’4 2023 Tempe

Santino Weimer 5’4 2023 Verrado MS

Damian Molina 5’4 2023 Rio Ranch MS (Albuquerque, NM)

Tafri Goode Jr. 5’3 2023 Legacy

Dominik VanCleaf 5’3 2024 Paradise Honors

Malaki Loyd 5’3 2023 Copper King

Cooper Cirone 5’3 2023 Explorer

Caden Bass 5’2 2024 Thomas

Sebastiano Patane 5’2 2025 Ronald Reagan

LJ Diamond 5’2 2026 Las Brias

Izaih Johnson 5’2 2024 Payne

Javier Machado 5’0 2023 Desert Mirage

Elijah Slaughter 4’10 2025 Clarendon