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Phoenix, AZ – Friday October 12 the 8th Annual Battle of the Classes SUPER 80 PHOENIX was held at the PHhacility, a brand new state of the art basketball complex just miles from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

2018 8th Annual Battle of the Classes “SUPER 80 PHOENIX” 

80 college basketball prospects in grades 7-12 participated from New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. Scouts and College Coaches watched during the night, special thanks to Gregg Rosenberg (ArizonaVarsity/, Ty Jacobs ( Codes Basketball), Lucas Archuleta (, Lew Roberts ( & Chad Groth (Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service). Also college coaches also present were from Scottsdale College, Tohono O’Odham College, Pima College, Central Arizona College, Arizona Christian University, Ottawa University, Butler College (KS), Cal State San Marcos (CA), Cal Poly Pomona (CA) and South Mountain College.

Now lets break-down the Top prospects in each class… Also a scouting report will be sent out to 300+ college coaches at all levels on the SUPER 80 Phoenix. Each class named MVP awards selected by scouts & college coaches that voted.

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Miles Houston – SUPER 80 PHOENIX MVP

Class of 2019 Top 10 Prospects

Miles Houston 6’8 Perry (MVP)

Herman Teixeira 6’9 Planet Athlete (Most Outstanding Player)

Juan Cajelli 6’8 Planet Athlete

Baudrie Fayete 6’3 Planet Athlete

Gabriel Nyawumenya 5’9 Apollo

Josh Goats 6’3 Farmington (NM)

Izaiah Staton 6’0 Rancho (NV)

James Brown 6’0 Planet Athlete

Kevin Sellen 6’1 Planet Athlete

Garrett Black 5’11 Farmington (NM)

Logan Phillips – SUPER 80 PHOENIX MVP

Class of 2020 Top Prospects

Logan Phillips 6’7 Valley Christian (MVP)

Latrey Robinson 6’1 Chavez (Most Outstanding Player)

Emanuel Jones 6’0 Planet Athlete

Latrell Robinson 6’1 Chavez

Jordan Beyale 6’0 Farmington (NM)

Tyrail Carrathers 5’11 Chavez

Gavin Bowen 6’0 Planet Athlete

Carter Van Hammond – SUPER 80 PHOENIX MVP

Class of 2021 Top Prospects

Carter Van Hammond 6’10 Perry (MVP)

Brett Hardt 6’1 Rancho Solano (Most Outstanding Player)

Skyler Wilson 6’3 Mountain Pointe (Most Outstanding Player)

Lual Lual 6’3 Catalina Foothills

Zena Biruk 6’1 Rancho (NV)

Bear Newsome 5’9 Central

Qbon Sullivan 6’2 Mountain Pointe

Blessing Nwotite – SUPER 80 PHOENIX MVP

Class of 2022 Rising 15 Prospects

Blessing Nwotite 6’0 Paradise Honors (MVP)

Kei Childress 6’0 Rancho (NV) (Most Valuable Prospect)

Jayden Warren 6’1 Sunnyslope (Most Valuable Prospect)

Andrew King 6’1 Desert Vista

Anthony Jaramillo 5’10 Mountain Pointe

Nathan Calmese 5’11 Mesquite

Jayden Warren – SUPER 80 PHOENIX CO-MVP

Elijah Johnson 6’0 Rancho (NV)

Mason Hill 5’6 Mountain Pointe

Angel Sandoval 5’11 Valley Vista

Jordan Galan 6’7 Chavez

Isaiah Valez 5’6 Desert Vista

DeOtis Nunn Jr. 5’9 Desert Vista

Justin Belsan 6’3 Valley Vista

Daylyn Martin 5’11 Desert Vista

Xavier Santacasa 5’5 Valley Vista

Leo Sotomayor – SUPER 80 PHOENIX

Class of 2023 / 2024 Top Future Stars (in height order)

Thomas Moore 6’2 2024 Legacy

Nicolas Barnes 6’0 2023 Cimmaron Springs

Kendre Pride 5’11 2023 Marc T Atkinson

Tarik Spencer 5’11 2023 Country Meadows

Clayton Werner 5’11 2023 Cotton Boll

Matthew Henry-Harrison 5’9 2023 Odyssey Institute

Terrell Doxie 5’9 2023 Trivium Prep

Dwayne DJ Jones 5’9 2023 Legacy Traditional

Dallas Marker 5’8 2023 Canyon Ridge

DeMarion Anderson 5’8 2023 Heritage

Brandon Polocoser 5’7 2024 Sky Mountain

Ashton Romney 5’6 2024 Bridgeway Academy

Parker Kiepke 5’4 2023 Legacy

Tarvis Edwards Jr. 5’4 2023 Trivium Prep

Carlos Coronado 5’3 2024 West Coolidge

Narva Tigue 5’2 2024 Surprise MS

Cezer Sotomayor 5’2 2024 San Tan MS

Brady Howard 5’1 2024 Legacy