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Recap – “THE EXPERIENCE” Basketball Camp in Utah

Session II

June 14, 2018

The first ever youth basketball camp named “The Experience” was held on June 11-13, 2018 at the Franklin Covey Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded by former NBA & Professional basketball player Alex Austin. Austin now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and wanted to give “The Experience” to youth boy’s & girl’s from ages 6-17, in two separate sessions.

The two sessions were broken up into age groups, where Session I was for ages 6-11 and Session II was for ages 12-17. The Experience was limited to 30 participants per session & both were sold out.

The Experience is an educational tool designed to enlighten and enhance the student-athlete, enabling them to function at their highest level of potential in sports and life.

While each participant worked on fundamentals, skill development stations, fitness, nutrition session and parents were encouraged to participate in seminars & with the guest speakers. Also NCAA seminar was given during the three-day experience.

Let’s look at some of the outstanding performers from Session II Follow Area Codes Basketball on Social Media TWITTER @Areacodes and Instagram @Areacodesbasketball

Alex Austin talks to the campers

(players listed by height order)

Grant Tull – 6’6 Gridley HS – Gridley, CA (best overall prospect – displayed good shot blocking ability, runs well with a face-up jumper)

Brad McKellar 6’5 East HS 2020 (solid all around skills & displayed a knock down mid-range jumper)

Carter Johnson – 6’3 Highland 2021 (smooth shooter that defends)

Grant Tull

Nick Sundwall – 6’3 Brighton 2020 (lanky but smooth scorer that spaces well)

Logan Deal – 6’1 Mt Logan Middle School 2023 (outstanding ball handler & fundamentally sound)

Max Lamah – 6’1 East HS 2020 (attacked the basket a few times and uses his length well)

George Katsanevas – 6’1 Skyline 2019 (tough player on defense)

Porter Neilson 6’1 Union 2020 (attacked the basket on a few plays)

Robert Schulze – Salt Lake City, Utah – (Displayed well in the skill session & is a natural play-maker)

Jackson Marz – 6’1 Brighton 2019 (hustled on both ends of the floor)

Tyler Jensen

Cooper Albers – 6’0 Hillcrest 2021 (the southpaw guard played well, knock down jumper)

Tyler Jensen – 6’0 Hawthorn 2022 (blocked a few shots in transition, solid prospect)

Nick Paulos – 6’0 Brighton 2019 (smooth defender & moves well without the ball)

Landen Giles 5’11 Stansbury 2022 (displayed good shooting range)

Mitch Lind – 5’8 Treasure Mountain 2022 (combo guard that can lock up on defense)

Maddux Albers – 5’8 Union 2023 (good showing in the stations, hard worker)

Jackson Clements – 5’7 Central Davis 2022 (good size & will grow, long and athletic)

Peyton Surrage 5’7 Wahlquist 2022 (wiry wing that has upside, played well)

Hunter Lopez – 5’7 Valley 2021 (rebounds well & finishes well for his size)

Zane Neville 5’5 Skyline 2021 (displayed good sportsmanship & defends well)

Carter Coombs – 5’5 South Ogden 2023 (pushed the ball well in transition)

Daija Hutchins

Tyler Marshall – 5’5 Oak Canyon 2021 (pure scorer that can get to the rim)

Logan Griffiths – 5’5 North Layton 2023 (good on the ball defender & impressive in stations)

Yorgio Golesis – 5’4 Butler 2022 (crafty ball handler with good upside, one to watch with passing ability)

Caden Christensen – 5’4 Central Davis 2023 (likes to drive and push the ball in transition)

David Burnett – 5’2 Wasatch 2021 (tough prospect that will only get better)

Michael Lpaktchian – 5’2 Churchill 2022 (knocked down the open jumper)

KJ Jensen – 5’2 South Jordan 2023 (another crafty ball handler, good shooter as well)

Daija Hutchins – 5’2 St Vincent 2023 (only female in session II & didn’t back up from anyone, good ball handler, defends well and is tough all around, great upside)

Gabe Sivulich – 5’1 Elk Ridge 2021 (moves the ball well, displays a quick passing game)

Ashton Snarr – 5’1 Elk Ridge 2022 (plays both guard positions and creates a few steals)

Giano Roumpos – 4’11 Albion 2023 (made a few good plays and hustles)

Tino Roumpos – 4’11 Albion 2023 (plays with no fear, on ball defender that can shoot)

Makai Aytch – 4’10 Syracuse Arts Academy 2023 (strong guard that uses his body well to score)