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Prodigy Elite (CA) 16u Division Champions

Phoenix, AZ – The 10th Annual Area Codes Basketball Elite 8 in the Desert was held May 12-13, 2018 as this tournament is held annually over Mother’s Day Weekend in Phoenix at three locations over the two-day tournament.

Teams participated from California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

I want to take the time to thank everyone involved in making the tournament a success as always and special thanks to National Scout Jerry Mullen (, Gregg Rosenberg (AZVarsity), Anthony Ray (ArizonaPreps), Justin Vargas (Relentless Recruiting), Ron Coleman (Southwest Showcase), Alexia Marsh (Dir of Operations – Area Codes Basketball & Southwest Showcase), Ty Jacobs (Scout – Area Codes Basketball) & Kevin Dillard (Area Codes Basketball & Southwest Showcase).

Also thanks to the head college coaches that attended – Jeff Rutter (Arizona Christian University), Dan Nichols (South Mountain College), Charles Harral (Arizona Western), Matt Keeley (Ottawa University), Guy Meyer (Glendale College) Trey Clarkston (Arizona Christian University) as well as assistant coaches from Cochise College, Scottsdale Community College & Central Arizona College.

Below we have selected the ELITE 8 IN THE DESERT ALL-TOURNEY TEAM

The Championship teams in each age division were

17U – Powerhouse Hoops UA (AZ)

16U – Prodigy Elite (CA)

15U – Jamal Murray Elite (AZ)

For information on further events follow us on Twitter @areacodes or Instagram @areacodesbasketball

Jamal Murray Elite (AZ) 15u Division Champions

Class of 2018

Dhol Majak 6’10 Arizona Hype

Daelyn Bams 6’8 Prodigy Elite Seniors (CA)

Tasson Aubry-Thomas 6’8 Prodigy Elite Seniors (CA)

Omari Moore 6’6 BBC Elite (CA)

Khot Anyieth 6’6 Team M’Phasis

Lahad Adeim 6’5 Team M’Phasis

Ian Jackson 6’4 Powerhouse Dream

Xavier Ford 6’3 Prodigy Elite Seniors (CA)

Jabari Sutherland 6’3 Arizona Hype

Jamaal Barnes 6’2 BBC Elite (CA)

Jamaal Barnes 6’2 BBC Elite (CA)

Steve Koko 6’0 Team M’Phasis

Jaren Williams 6’0 BBC Elite (CA)

Coa Chatman 5’9 Prodigy Elite Seniors (CA)

Tanner Ray 5’8 Arizona Hype

Jahleel Stevens 5’8 Hardwork (NV)

Powerhouse Hoops Under Armour (AZ) 17u Division Champions

Class of 2019

Mike Gao 6’9 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Qion Cangas 6’9 Hardwork (NV)

Jonathan Williams 6’9 Powerhouse Dream

Chase Courtney 6’9 Powerhouse Contreras

Dre Harris 6’8 Powerhouse Hoops UA

John Price 6’8 Team M’Phasis

Connor Braun 6’8 Powerhouse Hoops UA

Emad Elniel 6’6 Arizona Hype

CJ Fisher 6’6 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Ifani Okeke 6’6 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Zach Lyons 6’6 Powerhouse Hoops UA

Christian Jones 6’6 BBC Elite (CA)

Kingdom Artis 6’5 Team Artis Elite

Leland Wallace 6’5 Mpyre (NV)

Trimain Lee 6’5 Powerhouse Dream

Anthony Cellentani 6’5 702 Attack (NV)

Jonathan Jackson 6’5 Powerhouse Dream

Otis Frazier 6’5 Powerhouse Hoops UA

Isaiah Ortega 6’4 NMBC Silver (NM)

Zach Hobbs 6’4 Powerhouse Contreras

Zak Lounis 6’4 BBC Elite (CA)

Tyler Allen 6’4 NMBC Red (NM)

Kenny Chilson 6’3 MOC D1 Elite(CA)

Jalen Willis 6’3 Mpyre (NV)

Josh Ursery 6’3 Powerhouse Contreras

Isaiah Marin 6’3 Powerhouse Hoops UA

Jackson Lee 6’3 Powerhouse Contreras

Sam Sparks 6’1 NMBC Silver (NM)

Tyre Williams 6’1 Mpyre (NV)

Anthony Bell 6’0 BBC Elite (CA)

Shaden Knight 5’11 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Emari Jones 5’11 Powerhouse Dream

Tristin Moore 5’11 NMBC Silver (NM)

Khalid Price 5’11 Powerhouse Contreras

Jordan Agbara 5’8 MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Mpyre Las Vegas (NV) 17u

Class of 2020

Osasere Ighodaro 6’9 Powerhouse Johnson 16u

Deandre Henry 6’8 Pride Hoops 16u

Kendyl Watson 6’6 Powerhouse Johnson 16u

TJ Green 6’6 Powerhouse Johnson 16u

Tyree Campbell 6’5 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Rayshard Brown 6’4 NMBC Red (NM)

Eloy Medina 6’3 NMBC Red (NM)

Dominique Ford 6’3 702 Attack (NV)

Team M’Phasis (AZ)

Brantly Stevenson 6’3 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Kyree Walker 6’1 Team Ronde Hollis Jefferson 15u

Trace Woronets 6’1 MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Isaac Monroe 6’0 Team M’Phasis

Armani Williams 6’0 Powerhouse Johnson 16u

Daevin Celaya 5’10 Pride Hoops 16u

TJ Tigler 5’10 Pride Hoops 16u

Malik Goulet 5’9 MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Joziah Ramos 5’8 NMBC Red (NM)

BBC Elite (CA) 17u

Class of 2021

Alex Gaylor 6’7 Jamal Murray Elite 15u

Kok Yat 6’6 Team Ronde Hollis Jefferson 15u

Paul Ezeamama 6’5 MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Awar Anyieth 6’4 Team M’Phasis *Class of 2022

Marcus Green 6’3 Prodigy Elite 15u (CA)

Chancellor Johnson 6’3 702 Attack (NV)

Jahmai Mashack 6’3 Prodigy Elite (CA)

Kevin Kogbara 6’3 Team M’Phasis

Jose Miguel 6’3 Jamal Murray Elite 15u

Jake Clapper 6’3 Powerhouse Lovely 15u

Jack Williamson 6’1 Prodigy Elite (CA) 15u *Class of 2022

Jevon Humphrey 6’1 AZ Triple Threat 16u

William Wells 6’1 Hardwork (NV)

Ty Washington 6’0 Jamal Murray Elite 15u

Colton Cassady 6’0 Powerhouse Lovely 15u

Andrew Fitzgerald 6’0 AZ Triple Threat 16u

Wyatt Bell 6’0 Jamal Murray Elite 15u

MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Kei Childress 6’0 Hardwork (NV) *Class of 2022

Michael Parris 5’10 Powerhouse Lovely 15u

Karsen Butler 5’9 MOC D1 Elite (CA)

Will Betteridge 5’9 AZ Triple Threat 16u

Chris Nickelberry 5’9 Prodigy Elite (CA) 15u

Evontae Sudduth 5’9 Team Ronde Hollis Jefferson 15u

Adrian Banuelos 5’9 Powerhouse Lovely 15u

Cory Perry 5’8 Team M’Phasis