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Daelyn Bams

Area Codes Basketball 10th Annual ELITE 8 In The Desert Top Prospects

By Tye Jacobs, Area Codes Basketball

There was a lot of high level talent competing all throughout the Valley in Area Codes Basketball’s 10 Annual Elite 8 in the Desert. Teams from all over the West Coast competed in an action-packed tournament.

Here are some of the standouts from Day One and Two:

TyTy Washington

TyTy Washington 6’1 2021 – Jamal Murray Elite

TyTy showed a poise to his game that is beyond his years. He was able to dominate easily on the offensive end by creating for teammates and making open shots. His ballhandling skills were top notch and his shot selection was spot on.

Deandre Henry 6’6 2020 – Pride Elite

Deandre is a long athletic big who is able to thrive in transition. He runs the floor like a gazelle and lives for finishing alley-oops.  His ability to attack the offensive glass was evident throughout the weekend.

Brantley Stevenson 6’3’ 2020 – Prodigy Elite

Brantley played with a ton of energy throughout the day. He seemed to always be in the right spot to create plays or score at the rim. With his size, he was able to get to the rim to finish in traffic or get to the line.

DeAndre Henry

Emari Jones 5’11” 2019 – Powerhouse Dream

Emari showed immense scoring ability. He made a living off of his pull up jumper while attacking closeouts to finish with an array of moves at the rim. Emari was able to use his ballhandling to free himself up for easy jumpers or to make plays for his teammates.

Josh Ursery 6’3 2019 – Powehouse Contreas

Josh excelled in the one-on-one game using his quickness and athleticism to get to the lane. He also scored well in catch and shoot situations, while punishing closeouts with his quick first step.

Emari Jones

Dre Harris 6’7 2019 – Powerhouse Elite

Dre was dominate on both sides of the ball. A scoring and rebounding monster, he was couldn’t be stopped. On the defensive end, Dre spiked shot after shot making it torture for small guards to get in the paint.

Isaiah Marin 6’4 2019 – Powerhouse Elite

Isaiah was my favorite prospect of the weekend. He played with such poise and pace throughout the day. He shredded the defense almost every possession with his passing ability. What was most impressive was his ability to know when to create for himself or create for others.

Coa Chatman 5’9 2019 – Prodigy Seniors

Coa showed big shot making ability all weekend. He showed his ability to score from all three levels with the long-range ball and nifty layups. His decision-making skills kept his team going throughout the tournament

Ian Jackson 6’4” 2018 – Powerhouse Dream

Hustle and grit are the sole reasons Ian is on this list. He was a nuisance with his defensive intensity, and a monster on the boards and chasing loose balls. On the offensive end, Ian had a number of paint touches resulting in many free throws.

Josh Ursery

Jamaal Barnes 6’2 2018 – BBC ELITE

Jamaal was a deadeye shooter all weekend. He was able to make multiple threes whether it be spot up or off the dribble. Jamaal was also sneakily athletic getting a big dunk over a taller player.

Omari Moore 6’6 2018 – BBC ELITE

Omari was one of the most athletic players from this weekend. Omari was able to finish in traffic and had some monster dunks. With his height, Omari was one of the biggest lead guards in the tournament and was able to guard up to four positions.

Daelyn Bams

Daelyn Bams 6’8 2017 – Prodigy Elite Seniors

Daelyn’s physical makeup was imposing as well as his athleticism. He was able to create havoc defensively with his size and offensively he was able to finish well above the rim.