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7th Annual Arizona Spring Showcase 2018

Phoenix, AZ – The 7th Annual Arizona Spring Showcase took place on Sunday February 25 at Arizona Christian University, directed by Chad Groth of Area Codes Basketball.

We would like to thank all the scouts and college coaches that attended during the day to evaluate players; Gregg Rosenberg (, Anthony Ray (, Dylan Gilless (,and college coaches from Arizona Christian University (NAIA), Ottawa University (NAIA), Benedictine University (NAIA), Central Arizona College, Cochise College, South Mountain College, Glendale College, Tohono O’Odham College and Chandler-Gilbert College.

In addition a scouting report will be sent out on every prospect depending on there prospect ranking, Division I players, DII players, DIII & NAIA players and JUCO prospects.

College Coaches and Scouts watch while games during the day

Having college coaches and scouts watching gave each prospect a chance to showcase themselves with hard play, hustle, decision making, competitive play & skill level.

For more info on future events go to our event link on the homepage or follow us on Twitter @areacodes

Now lets look at some of the Top Prospects of the day …

Isaias Pineda

Class of 2018 Prospects (players listed in height order)

Christian Gomes 6’10 Ombudsman

Stephen Gabriel 6’8 Planet Athlete

Isaias Pineda 6’8 Faith Christian

Jared Perry 6’7 Paradise Honors

Gil Soungue 6’5 Ombudsman

Myles Malachesen 6’5 Barry Goldwater

Joe Heath 6’4 Mohave

Myles Malachesen

Devin Booker 6’3 Planet Athlete

Roy Anku 6’3 Planet Athlete

Jonathan Hunter 6’2 Dobson

Pierce Brown 6’1 Planet Athlete

Mason Crawford 6’1 Barry Goldwater

Zaid Wague 6’1 Planet Athlete

Marquise Brown 5’11 Bayview (Milwaukee, WI)

Others to mention in 2018

Robinson Dominguez 6’0 Estrella

DaMonte Sykes 5’11 Sierra Linda

Luis Velasquez 5’8 Verrado

Anthony Hernandez 5’8 Mohave

Jeremiah Jacques 5’7 Mohave

Grant Ward

Class of 2019 Top Prospects (listed by height)

Herman Teixrira 6’7 Ombidsman

Jeremy Terron 6’7 Buckeye

Grant Ward 6’6 Buena

Jalen Johnson 6’6 Bella Vista

Carson Mittun 6’4 Seton Catholic

Daniel Davis 6’3 Buena

Josh Hawkins 6’3 Paradise Honors

Ian Good 6’1 Mountain View

Andrew Smith 6’1 Safford

Connor James 6’1 Bella Vista

Bab Diallo 6’0 Charter Arizona

Connor James

Jaylan Chillous 5’11 Shadow Mountain

Kevin Poe 5’11 Sahuaro Tucson

Mekhi Rodgers 5’11 McClintock

Marcel Thomas 5’10 Youngkers

Rich Dowse 5’9 Ironwood Ridge

Cohen Kimmel 5’9 Amphi

Jerry Iliya

Class of 2020 Top Prospects (listed in height order)

Roy Eze 6’8 Phoenix Christian

Jerry Iliya 6’5 Phoenix Christian

Jacob Leslie 6’5 Mohave A.L.

Collin Thompson 6’3 Safford

Ryan Brown 6’3 Mountain View Tucson

Collin Thompson

Ramon Franklin 6’2 Millennium

Jordan Pondexter 6’1 Copper Canyon

Brock Fenton 5’8 Buena

Lamar Thomas 5’5 Youngkers

Matur Dhal

Class of 2021 & 2022 Top Prospects (in height order)

Matur Dhal 6’9 South Pointe

Logan Pohl 6’7 Legacy Traditional 2022

Alex Gaylor 6’5 Sunnyslope

Chandler Carter 6’3 Valley Christian

Casey Knudson 6’3 Desert Mountain

Logan Martinez 6’2 Rio Rancho (NM)

Logan Pohl

Thomas Rea 6’1 Pinnacle

Jevon Humphrey 6’1 Chaparral

Caleb Simpson 6’1 Saguaro

Xavier Vierra 6’0 Peoria

Brady Ramon 6’0 Salpointe

Beckett Hans 6’0 Chaparral

Junior Hodnett 6’0 Rio Rancho (NM)

Zay Freeney 5’11 South Mountain

Zay Freeney

Dario Cristina 5’10 Explorer 2022

Adrian Banneus 5’9 Desert Edge

Dominique Newsom 5’8 Central

Jalin Humphrey 6’8 Copper Ridge 2022