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Houston, TX – Coach Pete’s Houston Camp was held Sunday, October 15 at the University of St. Thomas.  Prospects from all over the south came to attend the camp that has been a destination year-after-year.  Area Codes Basketball was there to evaluate these prospects and there were 4 that stood out.  Their evaluations along with links to their highlight videos (click the name) can be found below in no particular order:


6’4” Collin Warren (Missouri City, TX – Victory Prep Academy 2019) – ATHLETE!!! Warren was beyond explosive going to the rim and didn’t shy away from finishing at the rim despite defensive presence. Additionally, Warren was very much under control when an opening wasn’t there as he made plenty of plays that involved split second decision making based off how the defense was playing him. He excelled in these situations as he found teammates that were open multiple times.

6’3” Jackson Davenport (Sugar Land, TX – Houston Christian HS 2020) – There’s always room on a team for a shooter and Davenport is a guy that lives up to that notion.  The Sugar Land product knocked down shots with consistency and had a good build for his young age that make him one to track as he continues to develop.  His value as a shooter grows tremendously as he continues to go through a growth spirt.

6’1” Evan Adkins (Irving, TX – Ranchview HS 2018) – Evan wears his heart on his sleeve and throws his body around without thinking twice about the outcome.  An extremely hard worker and a guy that a coach would want in his fox hole.  Outside of his blue collar toughness, he has a good feel for the game and knocks down shots with consistency as he shot upwards of 50% from both inside and outside of the arc during camp.

5’7” Tomas Meyer (Houston, TX – Stratford 2020) – Meyer had one of the most confident and fluid looking strokes despite being just a rising sophomore.  He didn’t think twice attacking his shot and had fairly nice lift to go along with his mechanics.  He’s only around 5’7” or 5’8” right now, but he’s one to keep an eye on as he has a solid skill base and some nice bounce/athleticism in his step.