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Mesa, Arizona – The 7th Annual Arizona Frosh Soph Showcase was held on Saturday September 9 in Mesa, Arizona.

Over 100 prospects attended from the Classes of 2020 and 2021, with a dozen invited middle school prospects. I must say this was the most competitive showcase for the top frosh soph’s in Arizona in year’s.

7th Annual Arizona Frosh Soph Showcase

Thank you to scouts Anthony Ray (, Gregg Rosenberg (, Chris Karpman (, Chad Groth (Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service), Ron Coleman (Southwest Showcase), Lynn Ramage (Area Codes Basketball), Kevin Dillard (West Coast Hoops Report), Matt Keeley (Head Basketball Coach – Ottawa University), Kaimarr Price (Assistant Basketball Coach – Ottawa University)  and Baller.TV

Special Thanks to our guest speakers former NBA player and Phoenix Suns Steven Hunter, NBA referee Ron Garretson and Justin Peterson (Just4Hoopin).

The games were LIVE STREAMED and can be viewed on www.Baller.TV

Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service does player evaluations for college coaches

A report on prospects will be sent out to over 300 college coaches at all levels in a special Arizona Frosh Soph Scouting Report by Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service.

Former NBA player Steven Hunter was a guest speaker

Hope to see you at our next and last event in Arizona of the year “PHOENIX SUPER 80” for information go to our event link or


Below you will find a breakdown of some of the Top Prospects in each class.

Class of 2020

Dalen Terry (Corona) 6’5

Madior Seye (Bella Vista) 6’9

Chance Garland (Sunnyslope) 6’3

Dalen Terry named Top 2020 Prospect

Anthony Garza (Shadow Ridge) 6’7

Kimani Holt (Rancho Solano) 6’3

Tanner Poeschl (Mesa Mountain View) 6’5

Jorden Josephs (Chaparral) 6’3

Madior Seye

Julian Jackson (Mesa) 6’0

Hunter Ruck (Rancho Solano) 6’0

Tyson Legner (Rancho Solano) 6’2

Evan Skeoch (Perry) 6’5

Julian Jackson

Sebastian Wells (Apache Junction) 5’9

Jaquan Moore (Shadow Ridge) 5’11

Kyle Ponzo (Hamilton) 6’4

Eric Malanowski (Pinnacle) 6’4

Kimani Holt

Michael Hanson (Seton Catholic) 6’1

Stone Braveheart (Yuma Cibola) 6’4

Caleb Wright (Millennium) 6’4

Kareem Parks (Mission Heights) 5’7

Cooper Cummard (Mesa) 5’11

Chance Garland

AJ Rosier (Boulder Creek) 6’1

Sterling Sims (Verrado) 6’3

Ravion Franklin (Millennium) 6’1

Hunter Robbins (Mesa) 6’5

Mason Fredde (Mesa) 5’10

Tyton Cummard (Mesa) 6’2

Josh Openshaw (Parker) 6’1

Caden Cantrell (Mesa) 5’11

Dylan Moore (Mesa) 6’1

Tyton Cummard

Luis Miller (Parker) 5’2

Adrian Hernandez (Yuma Cibola) 5’11

Montay Washington (Desert Vista) 5’5

DeAngelo Valdez (Yuma Cibola) 5’9

Chris Hernandez (Yuma Cibola) 5’11

Dayson Dush (Desert Vista) 5’11

NBA referee Ron Garretson was also a guest speaker during the day

Class of 2021 

Isaiah Freeny (South Mountain) 6’0

Jose Miguel (Maricopa) 6’4

Coleman Fields (Millennium) 6’2

Isaiah Freeney was named Top 2021 Prospect

Rauishun Wilson (Vista Grande) 5’8

Christian Tucker (Red Mountain) 5’11

Cajmi Johnson (Mesa) 6’0

Riley Fornerette (Dysart) 5’11

Alex Gaylor (Sunnyslope) 6’5

Isaac Montero (Mesa) 6’5

Alex Gaylor

Andrew Teahquo (Desert Vista) 6’6

Raul Montoya (Verrado) 6’3

Chandler Carter (Desert Vista) 6’3

Zayn Kimbrough (Mesa) 5’11

Daryian Matthews (Dysart) 6’2

Dallin Cook (Mesa) 5’10

Tyler Grgurich (Dysart) 5’10

Chandler Carter

Parker Cummard (Mesa) 5’11

Bryant Washington (Dysart) 6’4

Grady Lewis (Sunnyslope) 6’4

JT Elder (Cienega) 6’4

Mason Thomas (South Mountain) 6’1

Cajmi Johnson

Jevon Humphrey (Chaparral) 6’1

Khye Stallworth (South Mountain) 5’11

Noah Dutcher (Cactus Shadows) 5’10

Trenton McLaughlin (Basha) 5’10

Kevin Kobara (Peoria) 6’2

Bryant Washington

Teontrae Cowan (Arcadia) 5’11

Cole Foote (Desert Vista) 5’9

Colton Jett (Valley Vista) 5’7

Steven Cervantes (Mesa) 5’7

Jose Miguel

Cole Perry (Peoria) 5’7

Brady Ramon (Salpointe Catholic) 5’11

Tentraveon Cowan (Arcadia) 5’11

Coleman Fields

Tre”Vaughn Bell (Peoria) 5’7

Julian Ortiz (Westview) 6’0

Ty Ali (Millennium) 5’1

Brayden Lamm (Mesa) 5’11

Christian Tucker

Desmond Dela Cruz (Sunrise Mountain) 5’10

Khamis Hassan (Mesa) 5’3

Donaven Ocasio (Corona) 5’6

Noah Bowden (Mesa) 6’1

Riley Fornerette

Demetrus Johnson (Desert Vista) 5’4

Drew Shumway (Mesa) 5’11

Donte White (Corona) 6’0

Nathan Irish (Mesa) 5’10

Wyatt Ramsey (Mesa) 5’11


Class of 2022-2023

Andrew Camacho (Cheyenne) 5’11 2022

Nate Pickens (Marley Park) 5’7 2022

Awar Anyieth (Isaac) 6’3 2022

Isaac Hymes

Isaac Hymes (Western Sky) 6’1 2022

Emery Young (Oakwood) 6’0 2023

Joseph Montgomery (Phoenix Christian) 6’3 2022

Shamar Moore (Wigwam) 5’9 2022

Leonard Romayor (Legacy) 5’1 2023

Leonard Romayor

Nathan Wright (Coolidge) 5’11 2022

Chanti Bloomer (Wigwam) 5’11 2022

Gabe Pickens (Arizona Charter) 5’6 2024

Lareon Ginnis (Wilson) 5’6 2022